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  2. Blogs running 4.7.5

    Thank you!
  3. Blogs running 4.7.5

    As the subject says! MDg
  4. Blogs running version 4.7

    Ah, thank you!
  5. Blogs running version 4.7

    All blogs have been updated to the latest version of WordPress. MDg
  6. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    Glad to see you about these here parts LBD.
  7. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    Yay!! Just logged on for the first time in a month or so and about peed my pants!!! SOOOO happy! ::genuflects to Mike numerous times:: I've said it before and I'll say it again - you ROCK Mike. Donation will be in the mail in a few days!
  8. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    D'oh! Why did I not think of that? Maybe because I was up insanely late when that was posted.
  9. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    In the future, please send information like this to http://support.adastrafanfic.com However, we're performing a memory upgrade on the server to increase capacity. MDg
  10. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    I think there might be something wrong with the Archive. The home page comes up properly, but any other link just brings up a bunch of code or something. Can't even log in. Thought Y'all might want to know about that.
  11. Welcome (back) to IPS!

  12. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    Very much obliged. One year's license has been covered at this point. MDg
  13. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    Money sent your way.
  14. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    Yep, PayPal. MDg
  15. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    Is that over PayPal?
  16. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    Expect it in about two weeks, Mike. Thanks for everything.
  17. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    I'm willing, but unfortunately I'm also broke!
  18. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    Cool and thanks for the info ....
  19. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    Let me also add, if anyone is willing to kick in for the license, we're taking donations. You can send them to donate@adastrafanfic.com. Thanks! MDg
  20. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    I'll be fine-tuning things on the forums, so there might be some changes. You can also now change the background in the upper right hand corner, next to the little PM area (it looks like paintbrush icon). MDg
  21. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    I'm so happy to be "home" again. Comfy old URL and comfy Ad Astra art. I hope all the old regulars will come back to see the place all spruced up! Thanks for all you do, Mike.
  22. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    I admit that I was one of the people who was complaining, and I was kind of a jerk about it, and I'm sorry. That having been said, I am sooo glad to see AdAstra looking like AdAstra again!
  23. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    Well, as the Monkees (Mr Naismith specifically) once said: it looks like we've made it once again. And it's an extraordinary scene, to believe. Thanks MdG.
  24. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    It is sweet to see the Ad Astra wallpaper again it has to be said. Good to be back certainly. Again, many thanks Mike.
  25. Welcome (back) to IPS!

    Yay! It's so good to be back.
  26. After some feedback and discussion amongst the administration team, we purchased a license from Invision for version four of the application. They've made some significant improvements to the forums, and we're happy to return. For those of you who've been complaining about MyBB and Vanilla, you win MDg
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