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  1. MDGarcia

    Site Updates (Archive, Forums, Blogs, Email, etc)

    Bunch of Updates: Forums have been updated to 4.3.6 Forum theme has been updated to 4.3.6 Blogs have been updated to Wordpress 5.0 Blog themes have been updated to utilize WP 5.0 MDg
  2. MDGarcia

    Site Updates (Archive, Forums, Blogs, Email, etc)

    Forums have been updated to 4.3.4 MDg
  3. MDGarcia

    Site Updates (Archive, Forums, Blogs, Email, etc)

    A couple of announcements: Forums have been updated to 4.2.7, and I've adjusted the theme to match. Blogs are updated to WP 4.9.4, and I added a new theme option called "Bento" which is extremely versatile. MDg
  4. MDGarcia

    Blogs running 4.7.5

    As the subject says! MDg
  5. MDGarcia

    Blogs running version 4.7

    All blogs have been updated to the latest version of WordPress. MDg
  6. MDGarcia

    Welcome (back) to IPS!

    In the future, please send information like this to http://support.adastrafanfic.com However, we're performing a memory upgrade on the server to increase capacity. MDg
  7. MDGarcia

    Welcome (back) to IPS!

    Very much obliged. One year's license has been covered at this point. MDg
  8. MDGarcia

    Welcome (back) to IPS!

    Yep, PayPal. MDg
  9. MDGarcia

    Welcome (back) to IPS!

    Let me also add, if anyone is willing to kick in for the license, we're taking donations. You can send them to donate@adastrafanfic.com. Thanks! MDg
  10. MDGarcia

    Welcome (back) to IPS!

    I'll be fine-tuning things on the forums, so there might be some changes. You can also now change the background in the upper right hand corner, next to the little PM area (it looks like paintbrush icon). MDg
  11. After some feedback and discussion amongst the administration team, we purchased a license from Invision for version four of the application. They've made some significant improvements to the forums, and we're happy to return. For those of you who've been complaining about MyBB and Vanilla, you win MDg
  12. MDGarcia

    Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the IPS Community Suite. View our Pages documentation
  13. MDGarcia

    Site Updates (Archive, Forums, Blogs, Email, etc)

    WordPress is updated to 4.6! MDg
  14. MDGarcia

    Welcome to MyBB

    1. The look of the forums isn't my department; I just maintain the server and make sure people can use it. Our founder handles the look/feel of the forums and she's a little busy with RL right now. 2. The PM system's cumbersome nature (that means unwieldy or clumsy, in case you weren't aware) isn't really a dealbreaker for me in terms of functionality. 3. YouTube is accessible via the "video" tag, if you bothered to look at the help file or looked at the Video icon in the editor. RTFM. 4. The "funky" characters are a byproduct of the database conversion and there's nothing I can do about unicode conversion issues at the database level, especially when going from one encoding to the next. Not to mention, each browser will render it differently, especially between IE and Firefox, since IE doesn't conform to any known standard. 5. The variation of smilies/emoticons are an even lower priority on my list than the PM system. If you're willing to donate $400+ per year for Invision v4, I'm willing to go back to it. But the problem for me was cost and crap support when things broke under their system, which is why we left IPB in the first place. And here's a YouTube video to prove my point: [video=youtube] MDg
  15. MDGarcia

    Welcome to MyBB

    How about a little more clarity on what "sucks," since the above doesn't approach constructive criticism. MDg