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  1. Hi everyone:

    The support site got spam bombed this morning, to the tune of over 15,000 new spam tickets.  We're working with our support provider's support team to resolve the issue, and until then, we're literally crippled from responding to any new issues being reported on the site.  According to what I've been told, it'll be around 48 hours before we can sort through the mess and restore support to a point where we can actually provide assistance.  When I say "we," of course, I mean me, because I'm a one-man show and this is daunting under the current circumstances.


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  2. After some feedback and discussion amongst the administration team, we purchased a license from Invision for version four of the application.  They've made some significant improvements to the forums, and we're happy to return.

    For those of you who've been complaining about MyBB and Vanilla, you win :)


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  3. 1. It's decidedly unpreposessing. (That means ugly, if you didn't know.)

    2. The PM system (or whatever it's properly called) is a pain in the patootie.

    3. You can't post YouTube videos. (Or if you can, I haven't figured out how)

    4. It sticks all these funky characters where punctuation ought to be, making stuff awfully hard to read. (Especially older posts)

    5. The quantity and quality of the smileys is severely lacking. STL (powered by Invision/Zeta) has a lot more smileys, and they're way better too. (Jespah knows what i'm talking about. Just ask her.)

    Of course this is all just my opinion.

    1. The look of the forums isn't my department; I just maintain the server and make sure people can use it.  Our founder handles the look/feel of the forums and she's a little busy with RL right now.

    2. The PM system's cumbersome nature (that means unwieldy or clumsy, in case you weren't aware) isn't really a dealbreaker for me in terms of functionality.

    3. YouTube is accessible via the "video" tag, if you bothered to look at the help file or looked at the Video icon in the editor.  RTFM.

    4. The "funky" characters are a byproduct of the database conversion and there's nothing I can do about unicode conversion issues at the database level, especially when going from one encoding to the next.  Not to mention, each browser will render it differently, especially between IE and Firefox, since IE doesn't conform to any known standard.

    5. The variation of smilies/emoticons are an even lower priority on my list than the PM system.

    If you're willing to donate $400+ per year for Invision v4, I'm willing to go back to it.  But the problem for me was cost and crap support when things broke under their system, which is why we left IPB in the first place.

    And here's a YouTube video to prove my point:



  4. I'll be brutally honest here - this forum sucks. We'd be better off with Invision/Zeta. That's the platform they use over at Star Trek Logs, and to my knowledge they've never had any major problems with it. I think it's free, too, though I'm not completely sure.

    How about a little more clarity on what "sucks," since the above doesn't approach constructive criticism.


  5. Yes, many thanks MDG once again :)

    Took me a while to get back on through password troubles. Seems I've reverted back to Raven.

    No worries. And yes, because we've switched platforms, everyone has reverted back to their usernames when they first signed up. MyBB doesn't really allow for the Display Name option anymore.


  6. Yeah, that had to do with the fact that Vanilla's converter broke, and so I had to use the original IPB database to create this one. That meant we had to drop some broken tables due to the corruption, which included some threads and also whole usergroups (like Deputy Archivist, for example).


  7. Greetings:

    As some of you were aware, we tried out another forum platform last week, following our unrecoverable database corruption.  I apologize for the sudden jump between Vanilla and MyBB, but although Vanilla resolved our database issue, I received a number of complaints from users stating that the interface was not intuitive, clunky in design, and a little too no-frills for their liking.  Since MyBB's merge function had support for the Vanilla software, we're landing here for a bit.  We might stay and we might not.  Depends entirely on the userbase.

    So, take a look around and poke at the site.  Let me know what you think.


  8. Beginning on 18 Nov 2015, the forums database was corrupted, causing a critical error in accessing the boards.  I was driving up from California at that time, for my vacation in Portland, without my laptop, so I had no access to repair the issue.  When I returned the following Tuesday, the corruption had already permeated into the nightly and weekly backups and so I had to escalate the issue to IPB Support (which we pay for).


    Unfortunately, IPB Support was less than helpful.  They claim that it was a hardware issue, except everything else was working fine (blogs, archive, etc).  That left us with very little option except to try and recover from a very old backup we had from the recent server upgrade... it meant we would lose 1.5 months of posts.


    I called in help from a friend who is a pro DB administrator, and he was able to use the very old backup to pinpoint specific corrupted tables (there were 5) that were preventing the whole thing from loading.  We had it up last night, but IPB re-corrupted when someone went to post a new message.


    As of this morning, we believe the issue to be resolved.  If you continue to encounter problems, please open a support ticket at our support site (just like jespah and kes did).  Even if someone else reported it, it's all right to open a ticket so I can update it with information for you.


    Lastly, due to the inexplicably horrid response from IPB Support, I'm investigating a shift to a new software/platform.