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  1. United Trek Fanfiction Universe http://www.unitedtrek.org Banner: http://www.unitedtrek.org/ut_banner.jpg MDg
  2. It's absolutely not on our end, I can promise you that. MDg
  3. The problem with Hotmail is that it's actually public enemy number one when it comes to spammers. Â Most proxies will deny hotmail addresses. MDg
  4. Everyone sees the header, first.  First rule of web development. Everyone goes top-down. MDg
  5. Ah, I see what he's saying. Steff, you're just /too/ good. Now people don't know whether they're on the forums or on the archive MDg
  6. This FAQ has been moved to the Support Site so that all images can be displayed properly. Please see the following link for the Ranks FAQ: http://support.adastrafanfic.com/solution/articles/5000542569-forums-ranks-faq Thanks, MDg
  7. This post will carry all the updates and changes to the site.