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  1. LBD's like button is restored. Merry Christmas, MDg
  2. Congratulations to MF and LBD. Â MDg
  3. We are now running version 3.4.4 of the IPB software. There was a huge security patch in this version, so we are now up to the current build.  MDg
  4. Yeah, so the site is not run by us, as I stated in the first post. It's run by a coder on Google Apps, and he's limited by the number of processes per day. The best way to make ebooks is to download the plugin he coded for the Calibre application: http://calibre-ebook.com/ MDg
  5. Yeah, TinyMCE isn't the best, but it's free. eFiction's open source, so we're kind of stuck on that for now. MDg
  6. Also, if you should have ideas for new KBs that you would like to see, let me know in reply to this message. MDg
  7. I'm going to post new support KB articles up here for you to read. Let me start with one that I just wrote about seeing special/annoying characters in your stories: http://support.adastrafanfic.com/knowledgebase.php?article=19 MDg
  8. Image hosting is now permanently offline. No one was using it and it was costing us money to house it. MDg
  9. Email Update: We're aware that the SSL certificate expired and we have a new one, we have not yet installed it. We will update it as soon as we can, but it's going to take a little time. MDg
  10. Not necessarily a forums update, but I spent a majority of the evening upgrading the Support system to HESK 2.4.2, which now (thankfully) includes anti-spam capabilities. Getting paged in the middle of the night for spam tickets was driving me crazy! MDg
  11. The server bills for September to November were covered out of pocket. December's bill was covered by the folks at WNOHGB.org as a Christmas gift! MDg
  12. Since we've moved over to the IPB software, our chat room looks a little different. There are quite a few changes: - No more word wars. - No more chat transcripts. - No more ability to post large blocks of texts for snippets. MDg
  13. Just a note, Calibre isn't required to use the web-based app. Only if you intend to use the Calibre plug-in. You can download on-the-fly EPUB/Mobi/etc directly from the site. MDg
  14. The Ad Astra blogs have been updated to version 3.5 of the Wordpress platform. You should notice some significant upgrades in how pictures/media is uploaded and managed. MDg
  15. Greetings: Some of you might be confused about when to use the Contact Us dialog on the archive or when to submit a ticket to support. Let this post explain a little bit about why we have multiple methods to get stuff resolved: Contact Us goes to Steff's email - You use Contact Us for site policy violations or helpful suggestions. Support goes to my email, but I also get paged on my phone- You use Support when you believe something is broken on the archive, forums, blogs, email, etc. or you have a "how do I" question that isn't answered in the Knowledgebase. Steff does a lot of work on the site, but she is not the server administrator. She cannot fix backend stuff like MySQL or disk-level problems. I can. So, don't use Contact Us to report errors. It's quicker to use the ticket system. Also, please DO NOT use PMs in lieu of a support ticket. Why? I use the ticket system to track all issues for historical record. I clean out my PM box regularly to prevent hitting the PM limit, so I lose that history. The ticketing system, on the other hand, has no limit. Occasionally, I will use the ticket system to see if there are any breakage trends. A great example of this usage is: Back in April, SMF was having systemic issues. Both tickets and PMs/direct emails were being opened/sent on this (25). Escalated to SMF development, since we are charter members. SMF could not resolve since the install was straddled. We switched to IPS without losing (most of our) data. Problem resolved, tickets closed. Happy face for me. In short, the PM to ticket ratio lately has gotten too high for me to not post this. I'm also going to change my personal policy to not respond to PMs that should obviously be a support ticket. Please use the support ticket system. Please. I do this for free (for the most part), please help me out by following this simple policy. Please! Thanks! MDg
  16. August server bill is paid. We are now back to 0.00 on donations for that goal. Thanks to those who donated! You should have received your donation badges! MDg
  17. Forums will be down sporadically this weekend as we upgrade the software to the latest version. I'll try to keep it brief. MDg
  18. The July server bill is paid. We are now back to 0.00 on donations for that goal. Thanks to all who helped out! We're awarding donor badges, now! MDg
  19. Moderators are exempt from reputation scores. MDg
  20. Categories shouldn't be too difficult, right? I thought you were considering length as a guideline? And then since we already have categories (TOS, ENT, TNG, DS9, etc), you can break it down for each one. In order to be considered, your story has to be posted within that category, therefore it's by the author's determination and not ours. MDg
  21. True. But I think if we were to announce it on the main site and then vote for it here on the forums, we'd get a lot of participation. People want to win MDg
  22. Okay, I went back throughout our history, and awards Donor ranks to those of you who've been generous enough to donate. I pulled all of the data from PayPal, but I know some of you sent in checks via mail. I tried to go back through my PM history to locate those who donated using this method, and I think I got everyone. If I missed you, please PM me right away, so I can give you your award! Thanks! MDg
  23. Really quick update: Because we recently moved to IPS, a new donation sidebar has been added. You should be able to see this and use it to make donations. Thanks! MDg
  24. All 2009 awards have been issued. If you feel we missed one, please let us know in reply or by PM. MDg