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  1. I definitely like the look of this one better. Reminds me a bit of our old phpBB forums.
  2. You are exceptionally awesome, Mike.
  3. SLWalker


    We do. And when it comes time to promote, we can have a cage match now.
  4. SLWalker


    Congratulations on your Deputy Archivist (jg) title. This is, of course, because spearheading a major project like Boldly Reading should have some muscle behind it.
  5. Just a note that our forums are on a different server, and will still be accessible. Save a direct bookmark if you haven't already.
  6. That and some of them were overdue. We started off with three admins way back in the day, and then lost one, lost a couple mods to time, finally promoted Miranda after years, needed someone to fill his slot... so, we're actually about on track.
  7. I am pleased to announce that in addition to our other promotions, we now have a Deputy in Training. He is in charge right now of the All Ages board, for the Trekkin' offspring and kidlings (if you can't see it, you need to have 150 posts to view and 200 posts to post there, which is plenty of time for us to get to know you), and I think he'll go far.  So, give it up for trekfan!
  8. THRALLS! Â Your twelve week schedule may be found here. Â Your first task, as your Provider orders, is here: Recruit more thralls! Â You may now post freely in the subforum; should you wish to come up with companions events, recreations or amusements related to the challenge, you may. Â Let the Twelve Trials of Triskelion BEGIN!
  9. During the Twelve Trials of Triskelion (and beyond, if it's popular enough), we will be having two Writer's Lounge chats on Saturday, where we can brainstorm, cheerlead, help each other through writer's block, or otherwise just talk fic and writing! So, please join us at 3:00 EDT (7:00PM GMT) during Chat I, or at 9:00PM EDT (6:00PM PDT) for Chat II. Or both!
  10. In less than twenty-four hours, the Twelve Trials of Triskelion begins.  Be there. Or the Provider will be displeased. Â
  11. Does that mean I can finally get likes too?  Woot!
  12. Coming soon, to a forum near you! (Like, right here.)  Twelve weeks. Many winners. You will find we have a game to suit anyone, and a game to suit everyone. So, prepare yourselves for (cue music...)  The Twelve Trials of Triskelion  Not simply another review hunt (which is never simple, but I digress), not just a monthly writing challenge (which is never just a challenge, but again I digress), these trials are designed to truly stretch ALL of your creative muscles! Those who win, win all. Those who lose...  Oh, we know what to do with you, too.  (Not really, no one loses, but for the third time I digress...)  So, prepare yourself! Begin formulating your strategy. Begin your behind the scenes machinations. Take our prepared teaser graphic and begin reaching out feelers. Start writing, on the sly, casting surreptitious glances around as you race to beat the writerly clock. Or start meditating, as you prepare to go into battle!  Week One: Recruit! Week Two: Ficlet Flashdance Week Three: Review Hunt Week Four: Collaboration Station Week Five: Cover Convention Week Six: Review Hunt Redux Week Seven: Blog Like a Boss Week Eight: Give Mike a Cookie Week Nine: Unblock the Block Week Ten: Review Hunt, The Revenge Week Eleven: Pass the Baton Week Twelve: Free For All Weekly Events: Live watch and chat with Star Trek: The Original Series, Sundays, 3-4PM (or 4-5PM) EST Ongoing: Free Pixel Plushie to participants  In one week, on May 12th, the heats begin.