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  1. Thanks guys! (Been mostly offline this weekend, so I never had time to reply)
  2. Tell me about it. @_@
  3. I was planning on doing that once I get one in, hopefully either before I leave work or when I get in. The threads seem to help with some early plot bouncing too.
  4. I think it's an extremely slow week. From the Venting post and my RL friends, EVERYONE seems to be sick or helping people who are sick over the past week or so. And now I'm achy. This doesn't bode well...
  5. Happy birthday! (Sorry, only got stable computer access now.)
  6. Ten times more awesome than regular cake! Yay! And ten times as dense, but it's packed full of yummy goodness! Hope you had a good birthday!
  7. Thanks! It was a decent one. Didn't have much to do, though... Arnie would probably check his time card, change it so that he's on Steff's time and then quietly go move into her place with Nance coming along and claiming to be on vacation. Arnie really isn't a party person...
  8. Thanks for the update, Mike!
  9. Buuuuut you would need it to put Mirror Scott in some swim trunks. >
  10. Who would want to win that award?! Better yet, let's up the ante Rob; Best Ad Astra Member Naked-Contestants must submit pictures of themselves, all natural, in order to be judged by their peers. Photoshop is fully welcome (in fact, PLEASE USE IT!) 8) Why stop at that? Character swimsuit contest! Both male and female can apply.
  11. The voting for that would be highly subjective, though.
  12. FYI - I won't have full computer access until the 31th after heading out on the road on the 15th. I think the only place where this is going to be a BIG deal is over on the round robin. Well, that and some of you can't plot with me on AIM, but that's to be expected. I still need to figure out what I'm going to do with my characters there... Maybe if you're lucky, there will be pictures. "And this is what the Erie Greyhound station looks like!"