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  1. It is sweet to see the Ad Astra wallpaper again it has to be said. Good to be back certainly. Again, many thanks Mike.
  2. I'm liking it so far in terms of looks and a quick spin around using the buttons and navigating. Super job Mike.
  3. Oh this is cool. I love the tumblr page with the recent stories and updates. Way cool.
  4. Mike, I thought I had to wait until I did a master's to learn that!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!
  5. I want to know where the 'love' button is. Course, maybe that would give people different expectations ... I suppose I'll do with the like button.Â
  6. Here, here Mike. A very true sentiment about the site and the people who are and have been a part of it. I'm sorry that you don't get to be at home for Thanksgiving and for the fact it is pretty shivering in the UK at the present.
  7. Also, I couldn't believe the speed of your response to my support ticket. Like, it was morning here so that surely had to be night time for you and yet you were on it in minutes. Again, much thanks and appreciation for all your wizardry.Â
  8. Much thanks Mike. Guru and genius and gee what a nice guy.
  9. See. I told you he was great, what with his helpful screenshots and everything. Thusly: Â [align=center][/align]
  10. Links to Your Stories on Social Media  We've added a new function to the Archive. (I say 'we' but you know it's the wizard in the machine Mike who worked it out, right?). The new function permits the linking Ad Astra stories to various social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter. It is of course optional but certainly this is an option for all authors on the Archive to consider. The default answer for everyone is 'no.' If you don't want your stories from this site linked to outside platforms, you don't need to do anything.  If you do wish to have stories linked to social
  11. Well done Mike. Thanks much. And to repeat the calls of others, you are awesome.
  12. The EFH! Hee, hee. Classic. I love it.
  13. Sounds like a lot of terrific perks really Mike, especially for behind the scenes are for those who are offering the support and trying to meet those needs or inquiries - i.e. you. A good idea really then as it will make things so much smoother for all really. Terrific and thank you for all the wonderful cog greasing you do to keep things working behind the scenes.Â
  14. Book has been selected. It's all there in the blog post. Book Club Choice #1 Â Read that book. Review or in this case re-review. And discussion thread opens on Sunday but feel free to comment on the blog too.
  15. Announcing the first ever Boldly Reading Book Club.  In order to encourage considerably more in-depth reviewing and a give and take discussion between the writer and readers, we have devised the Ad Astra Book Club, called Boldly Reading. Every month, we’re going to showcase a work by one of our own fine authors.  Works can be short or long, or even in progress.  We invite you to take part, to read, review, re-review if needs be, and to come participate in some interesting discussion. To kick us off, we have have Book Club Choice #1 blog posted up with a discussion thread re