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  1. It's soooooo good to see the site promoting itself! Miss everyone terribly. Will be back ASAP. love you all ... t
  2. No. You're not allowed to go.  Have fun!
  3. *cries* I wanna goooooooooo
  4. Exactly - use any left over monies to be there in case a server or host or anything that might require other unexpected fees. That way you won't have to do a big emergency fund-raiser...
  5. I didn't even read far enough to think about recognition...not necessary in my book.
  6. You bet your bottom I would
  7. I'm right there with Steff! Crazy year...just freakin crazy.
  8. YAY!!!!!! Congrats kes7!!!! And thanks too!!
  9. Glad to see you MF and thanks. I'll be fine. It will just take a lot of getting used to having my own life again after 13 years of having my parents in my home. The Hubby and I haven't quite grasped the idea of it yet.
  10. Hi kids - it's been real life I'm afraid that's kept me off line for the past few weeks. Mom died and the service was yesterday. It may take me awhile to roll back into things. I hope MF is okay as well.
  11. I had a feeling that was what happened....Glad all is all right. Thanks Mike!
  12. A jailor really. I did a few stints with Vice (there weren't that many women on the force at the time so we were used as often as possible) and out on the field but the majority of my time was spent in the jail. Again. I was low girl on the totem pole and they needed a woman as it was a co-ed facility and the women were kept locked up in a separate wing. That was 3 1/2 years of "learning experience" :D
  13. yay! (my old badge number was (initially) 007.) Swear! It got changed when they dropped the title "police woman" and "Police man" on the badge and made "it officer...I then ended up with 288.
  14. My first post in over a week...and I'm here to say.... beth would take it. LOL