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  1. Ad Astra Awards?

    The thing is that on an archive like this it would be only fair. I dunno, Steff. I'm all for nice looking goblets (and why isn't the symbol a champagne bottle? ) and stuff, but I can't quite picture the selection process. You've made it quality control and you held up to that. I'm looking through the list and I find myself already at a loss for how to choose. So the way I see it now it's only fair if everyone gets an award because so many stories here totally deserve it, but it does defeat the purpose, utterly, yes. BTW, I like MF's idea for comedy moment, tragedy, description, etc. Maybe you should be thinking of ASC, but of Oscars instead? Really, there's a dilemma.
  2. Happy Birthday, Steff!!!

    This is a most inappropriate, strictly non-modest, completely out of bounds (and bounce) topic to wish our dear Archivist and Administrator and the lovliest girl in this quarter of the galaxy a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ;D ;D ;D
  3. Ad Astra Suggestions

    Nerys, you're kinda making me take the bullet now. But in this particular case, gladly.
  4. Ad Astra Suggestions

    Steff, I was wondering, can we have Pike and N1 added to the list of TOS characters? If it's not too much trouble of course. Because you know I love Corry dearly, but I think Chris Pike has no lesser right to be on that list.