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  1. Took awhile, but the images are back now.
  2. Are people on the old background going to still have rank images? The ranks are broken if you switched back.
  3. Tried that and Ctrl + Shift + Refresh. Still no luck.
  4. I see the SOPA notice still, with old information, in place of a banner while on the forum...
  5. I emailed my legislators, and also called the office of the congresscritter in the next district over and threatened to send funds to a primary challenger if they didn't withdraw their support of SOPA.
  6. Congratulations to everybody! My email is up to date.
  7. BTW, it looks like you can get credit--though less credit--for reviewing stories that have more reviews. But the ones that net you the most points are the new stories or the ones with few reviews. At least, if I'm reading the rules correctly.
  8. There's another post with instructions in the review hunt forum...
  9. Awesome...this is going to be fun! Too bad I posted my review for Terilynn this morning before the thread went up!! Oh, well...I can always write more.
  10. Exactly. If the situation does not spontaneously resolve, what is the timetable for initiating other steps? Permanent "wait-and-see" does not make sense when several people, presumably in multiple countries with multiple ISP's, are affected. Having a plan in place and informing people--even if the plan means that a support ticket has to be sent to someone else after a certain deadline is passed, and that we will be relying on waiting for that other entity to answer--is far preferable to being left in the dark with no sense if there is even going to be an attempt to investigate.
  11. I see...then I guess I haven't cracked the pattern that would tell me where they fall. I've settled on geometric progression, some form of exponential growth, but the pattern doesn't quite seem regular enough for that. Mind you I haven't actually spent time with it and tried to write it down, though. I don't need to know THAT badly.
  12. Random question...are there any more ranks for regular users beyond Lt. (jg)? The list said there might be more ranks past Ensign, and obviously I've passed one of those, but I was wondering if it would ever be announced officially where the "top" is for non-mods.
  13. I had assumed there was nothing that could be done about it, so I didn't bother because I didn't want to seem like I was harping over things that no one could help.
  14. The Forum Updates topic seemed to be locked, so I thought I'd mention it here since I can't really find a better place... Just wanted to say I really appreciate the upgrade to the latest software. Reason being, I was REALLY having a lot of trouble in the previous version with Ctrl + I messing up my browser and opening unwanted windows instead of actually doing what it was supposed to. Now it works properly, which really speeds up my typing.
  15. If you need a 3rd story to make enough for a tag, I'd be willing to add it to "Self-Diagnostics," too, which I wrote for IS, and it does feature 2 other Adirondack crew members...