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  1. How do we donate now? I don't see the link at the top of the page...
  2. Okay..so there is a thread...yes, this is a vast improvement. Very "sexy"....if I can say that without offending anyone... Rob
  3. I liked the Orange Haze best. Rob
  4. there's always the...ahem..casting couch!! LOL..just kidding!
  5. Great news...can't wait to chat live with the gangs...see you all there real soon! Rob
  6. Damnass slackers!!! Just kidding... Rob
  7. So how much is that traffic just us members reading ours or other people's material??? Rob
  8. Im not "in" with stats like these. Is this tracking the forum we are in right now and all of our conversations? thats cool... Rob
  9. I did get it, thanks! Did you not get the payment confirmation in your email? MDg I probably did, but I seldom check my AOL mail. Rob
  10. Huh? What thing? I'm confused ... have I not noticed it or have I noticed it all along? MF - muddled-foughts As to the review thing, as Steff says, its in the submission guidelines and as even the forum demonstrates it is a large part of the ethos of the site. It is a very supportive and positive site and I don't think we need to push it. Sometimes it just takes time to garner interest and as others say, get out and review. It might not get you reviews in return, but it helps to make someone else's day and you get to read some terrific works to boot. My two pennies for what it's worth.
  11. Okay..I found the other post..so never mind this one... Rob
  12. I am not exactly sure what you mean. Do you mean a donation to a cause or a donation to the running of this site, which is cool too. Would it be done through paypal??? What would it be? Rob
  13. The only award that matters? Sexiest AD ASTRA member. Rob
  14. The themes are great...good job..just another planet to let us know we are in 'another place'....if not..that's cool too... Rob