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  1. Another Birthday!

    The cake is a lie! ;D /Portal Happy B-Day to Intrepid S.
  2. 21 Today!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats on turning 21, TrekFan! I don't recall much of my 21st birthday, but that's old age, and not the booze. :-[ Unfortunately, I don't black out, so I remember things like the Safety Dance incident at MidsouthCon this year.
  3. Got Links?

    Well, my blog is at the very creative url http://cybrludite.blogspot.com and is mostly gaming advice and settings. Currently I've been focusing on post-apocalyptic settings. What can I say? My first non-D&D roleplaying game was Gamma World, followed later by Aftermath!, Morrow Project, and Twilight 2000.