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  1. Yeah, had me smiling!
  2. I suspect we'd need a poll for each category.
  3. Corkscrewed is added to fin, closing out the trilogy, making sure I have no unfinished in my series and giving me a 25,782 what? novelette? Anyway, Once the parameters are hashed out that's what I have it as. Unless you set up a "Mirror Universe" or just basic AU, in which case I'd like to add it to that. I do think you are right, Steff-splitting hairs for categories reduces the impact of the award(s). A few cats and an overall for the first time seems reasonable. We can pat each other on the back to excess in the next one.Â
  4. It would probably be best to go with series that have more completed works than not. Or a word count min. But what about Mike's Quarterdeck Breed? Or that monstrosity (Seleya) I wrote? Would those qualify for consideration alongside Mrs. Picard's Picard series or your Wolf series.
  5. I like what you have so far-did Corkscrewed get overlooked? Oh, crud, OK, I'll post the rest soon. LOL. I like how you divided it-but what do you have in mind for the shorts? I think there should be a minimum word count-458 word drabbles aren't the same as a short story. 1000+ words?
  6. Happy Bday, Steff! Hope you have fun!
  7. Mistral

    Got Links?

    I would be open to this idea.
  8. Only manually, I think. Remember that the forums and archive are actually separate bodies (mostly for upgrade and security purposes). What do you mean about a tag for a submitted challenge, though? And I did want to add a thread/poll here for challenge voting, but since not everyone who's on the archive has joined the forums yet, I didn't want to potentially miss any votes. Next time around, though, I'll probably go with the poll -- right now, I just keep track of them wherever they're sent to me. Even if someone goofs and sends it to the White House? ;D
  9. I sent this as a pm to Steff but putting it out where all can see for feedback purposes: We have a "Featured Story" spot on the home page-how about a "Featured Author" section as well?