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  1. Lil black dog

    Welcome (back) to IPS!

    Yay!! Just logged on for the first time in a month or so and about peed my pants!!! SOOOO happy! ::genuflects to Mike numerous times:: I've said it before and I'll say it again - you ROCK Mike. Donation will be in the mail in a few days!
  2. Lil black dog

    Site Attacked (26 MAR 2015)

    MDg - superhero!
  3. Lil black dog

    Call for Donations

    Mine will be in the snail mail today, Mike.
  4. Lil black dog

    Site Outage: June 21, 2014

    You rock, Mike! Thanks for saving our bacon (and stories) yet again.
  5. Lil black dog

    Site Outage: June 13, 2014

    Woke up to the site being unavailable, and emails from concerned members who made me realize it wasn't just a problem on my end. As usual, kudos to our intrepid IT guy (read Mike) for fixing the problem and for getting a plan in place to address the issue so it doesn't happen again in the future. Not saying the site won't ever go down again, but at least this one problem area will be addressed. Thanks, Mike for always being there to save our bacon.
  6. Lil black dog

    Ad Astra & Heartbleed

    Hah! Already had to redo mine for this site. Changed a bunch of others along with this one this morning and subsequently forgot it. And I can't claim ADHD...old age, maybe?
  7. Lil black dog

    Ad Astra & Heartbleed

    Scary stuff. Changed my password on all vital accounts a few days ago - like banking and whatnot, but didn't realize we'd need to do it here, too. Done.
  8. Lil black dog

    New Support Site

    Thanks for always being there to watch our backs, Mike.
  9. Lil black dog


    Congrats, jespah. Very much deserved!  PS I love pie
  10. Lil black dog

    Server Outage for Maintenance (1-2 July 2013)

    Thanks, Mike. You rock! Thanks for keeping things humming along smoothly here for us.
  11. Lil black dog

    It is our pleasure to announce...

    ^^ Life's a bitch, eh MF?
  12. Lil black dog

    It is our pleasure to announce...

    Say what?! Looks like all the mods have like buttons now. Double W00t!!
  13. Lil black dog

    It is our pleasure to announce...

    ^^ Thanks, but now I get to give 'em out left and right.
  14. Lil black dog

    It is our pleasure to announce...

    Thanks, guys. It's really all of you that make me love this site and want to contribute somehow.  This is bittersweet, though, for the memorial service for the family friend who passed is later today. Not so much a memorial as a party, for that's what Gus wanted. The idea of people standing around weeping over his body was unsettling to him, so he told his wife he wanted a party, a celebration of life, and that's what she is doing. I suspect most people in this small town where I live will be there, because Gus was one of those amazing souls that touched everyone he came in contact with. He will be sorely missed, but never forgotten...
  15. Lil black dog

    It is our pleasure to announce...

    LOL!! I was looking for a FB name, maybe that'll be it.  Wait? What? Is that a new pair of roller skates in the driveway? No Jag for deputies, it seems...