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  1. Congratulations, folks! You guys rock!
  2. Wow, I made the mistake of looking up the most popular fanfic downloads on the ePub site. :blink: I had no idea there was that much interest in Twilight and Harry Potter slash!
  3. Excellent, thanks Mike. I'm now a Calibre user.
  4. Mike, the last few times I've tried to access this, I've received the message: Over Quota - This application is temporarily over its serving quota. Please try again later.
  5. Good stuff, thanks for posting it.Â
  6. A happy belated B-day from here, too.Â
  7. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! ;D And for those of us old fogies pushing 40... Pfffffttttt!  Yer all a bunch of whipper-snappers.
  8. Have a wonderful Birthday TD!  Many happy returns... for full store credit.Â
  9. Happy Birthday, Mike! Have a good one. ;D
  10. Very cool! Thanks, Steff. Good stuff to know.Â
  11. Happy B-day! ;D Many happy returns!