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    Money sent your way.
  2. Site Updates

    Is that over PayPal?
  3. Site Updates

    Yay! It's so good to be back.
  4. Looks nice, MDG. Thanks for all the work you do, man.
  5. Thanks Mike! Good to see the site back.
  6. Donation sent.
  7. That is a handy little site and earns a bookmark. Nice find and will check site-related passwords against it.
  8. Awesome job, man. You earned the rest. â˺
  9. I know what I'm doing this weekend ... not much of a literary critic, don't expect anything mind blowing from me. But looking forward to this all the same.
  10. Done. I call Kirk as I have the gold shirt (Pics, I have proof!) Â
  11. Who hoo! We recruit so well.
  12. *sniffs* So happy. Â I once was just a little poster with no stories and no post count ... and now look at me. Â You like me, you really like me. Â Thanks Steff for showing such faith in me. I shall strive to reward that faith to the best of my abilities.
  13. So stoked for this!
  14. YAY! Congrats to MF and LBD! You guys rock, well deserved.
  15. Whoops, double post... so much excitement I just can't control myself, lol.