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  1. Make sure you use strong passwords for your archive, forum, and blog logins.  If you need an idea of how strong your password is, test it out on this website:




    Several of my security colleagues like it because it tells you how long it'll take to crack your password.  What happened was that a script was run against a blog and ran it through so many iterations until it finally broke someone's password and was able to gain access to one of the blogs and start modifying files.  After that, all of the blogs were affected.



    That is a handy little site and earns a bookmark. Nice find and will check site-related passwords against it.

  2. *sniffs* So happy.


    I once was just a little poster with no stories and no post count ... and now look at me.


    You like me, you really like me. :)


    Thanks Steff for showing such faith in me. I shall strive to reward that faith to the best of my abilities.

  3. Can we just toss you some money, too?  $175 doesn't seem like a whole hell of a lot ... are there ongoing costs associated with the upgrade or would this be a one-time expense?

    As for something more collaborative ... I'm willing to do a photomanip or a short vignette as an "auction off" item.

    I'll second that idea for tossing money. I don't have much to spare but I'll throw what I got to move the forums over. As for auctioning off anything... well, I'll do whatever is asked of me if that's the way to go.

  4. Something I've noticed with the "Fic Talk" new post/no new post icon, is that when a new post appears in one of the child boards (weekly prompts/review hunt) it looks to be reverting back to the old theme "new post" icon (the pink TNG era Combadge) as opposed to the new one (the yellow and black one). May just be me but I've seen it a few times.