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  1. Like them both but the fire is totally my pick. Not only does it have some red it it, look cool, but I find it the more "active" of the two. Clouds are nice to stare at in the sky but fire screams movement to me. Plus, it does look a lot like the Nexus, so obvious Trek tie in counts in it's favor.

    And it has red in it, my favorite color, so it was bound to win. Nice work on both Steff! :)

  2. I might as well not even go on the internet tomorrow, everyone and everything is shutting down. ::sigh::

    I've already posted on my reps FB page and sent him an email-he actually responds to that stuff, so I'm hoping it'll be enough. If not, I'll call him up (or his wife, she's cool, she's from town) and pass along the message.

  3. This is a support request.


    Technically, it's not.  xD  People PM me, or IM me, or I read this thread, and then add.  It doesn't have to actually do with the function of the site in terms of 'working' or 'not'.

    Which is to say... added, TF!

    Thanks Steff! :)

  4. If I could, could one of the admins have my character Vick Johansson added to the expanded universes character list?

    He's been in two stories so far (I believe that's the minimal) and since I'll be concentrating on some one shots of him (and others from "Star Trek: Lost Souls" continuity) for the time being, having his name on the characters list makes finding his stories much easier.

    Much thanks to whoever gets around to it. :)

  5. Right, this seems to be the proper place to add this, here in the suggestions thread.

    Seems we now have quite a few photoshoppers around here, artists, and the like with fan art-I was wondering if we could set up a fan art challenge?

    I wouldn't know the first thing about deciding who goes what, gets what, where's what, ect (makes sense, right? ;) ) but I figure we could set it up similarly to the usual fic challenge.

    Anyways, I'd be up for it-I seem to be spending a lot of time in photoshop lately, and less trying to enter a fic challenge. I'd think it'd be kind of cool to have an art and fic challenge-so if we don't get time to write a short fic, we can at least fool around and make some art.

    Is it viable/doable? I'll let the powers that be decide, for lowly ol' trekfan ain't sure. :)

  6. Hmm...that's a tough one. I like the idea of giving authors a way to update readers without resorting to starting a new thread in the fic talk forums. Eventually, we'll reach critical mass there with all the story update threads. But I find kes7's concerns valid here-though we certainly don't have 800 authors here, we do have quite a many, and scanning through all the blogs would be time consuming. I only follow one blog religiously (Terilynn's-cause she's awesome and it's awesome).

    Rather than a blogging area, maybe we should set up an update child board on the fic talk forums, to clear some of the clutter out of there.

  7. Thanks folks! A rather hectic day, group projects, papers, regular projects-busy. But a good day nonetheless-really saving the celebration for this weekend, though no drinking involved; not a drinker at all-just give me three cans of Dr. Pepper and I'm as loopy as you want ;)

    Never fear, I have been working on my various stories, and happily I can say been making some progress, though slowly.

    Thanks for the Bday wishes-you guys are great. :)

  8. Yeah.  I'd win hands down. :D

    Who would want to win that award?! :D

    Better yet, let's up the ante Rob;

    Best Ad Astra Member Naked-Contestants must submit pictures of themselves, all natural, in order to be judged by their peers.

    Photoshop is fully welcome (in fact, PLEASE USE IT!) 8)

  9. I should check here more often, didn't see this till tonight! :)

    Yes, love the ideas of awards. Not much into watching award shows, but I guess I can off my two cents:

    Having a poll open for nominations sounds good, and then a vote on the nominations also sounds good. I'm assuming this would have to be conducted here on the forums.

    Basically, I think we should make this an even ten type thing. One nomination per award. So, Chronicles could be nominated for best Novel and for Best Expanded Universe (or something of the like) but can only win one, not both. Individual moments in the story are open to competition and the same rules apply.

    As for award ideas, your first three sound good.

    Some others I would suggest;

    Best "Kick Ass Moment"-Catergory can include any battle scene, verbal discussion, hair raising escape, away team throwdown, or something of that ilk. Entries must be completed and are considered only in their entirety at the time of nomination (so no retcons making your scene Kick Ass.)

    Funnest One Liner-Catergory includes a one liner, whether internalized thought or spoken or telepathic communication. As the name implies, it must be a sentence, or less-no paragraphs or the like.

    Most Trek Worthy "Ramble."-Catergory includes a Jim Kirk, or Jean Luc Picard moment, where a character delves into a ramble that would make either captain blush from shame at how long it is. Paragraph is the minimum length.

    Most Dastardly Villain-For those who are villains, we salute you. Individual characters are nominated in this category and must have at least one villain worthy act to make it in. Villain must be present in a work on the archive.

    Captain for the Ages-Calling all captains, this category is for you! Captains (or equal ranks in other militaries) are only allowed. The winner is judged on his/her captaincy and can be nominated from any story/stories/series on the archive.

    Special Moments-For those moments that just make you cry, laugh, or die (preferably peacefully), this category is for you. Moments that squeeze your heart, make you bust a gut or sob till morning belong here. Nominations can come from any work on the archive.

    "Damn it Jim, I'm a Doctor not a____"-Category for all doctors out there, young or old, this is the place to be. Nominations include a moment where your doctor gives someone a lecture, one liner, joke, ramble, or saves a life in a genius procedure. 

  10. This is a most inappropriate, strictly non-modest, completely out of bounce topic to wish our dear Archivist and Administrator and the lovliest girl in this quarter of the galaxy a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ;D ;D ;D


    It's Steff's BDAY?! OMG! I totally didn't get you a thing!


    "You rang?"

    "Why was I not informed of this?!"

    Khan frowns, "I apologize sir. Kirk and I were playing Go Fish--"

    trekfan rolls his eyes, "Go to the store, fetch flowers, a card, and a Mr. Scott action figure-a CANON Mr. Scott action figure. Now!"

    Khan sighs, "Yes sir."

    Good butlers are so hard to find these days. :)

    Happy BDAY Steff!

  11. I do not envy you MF.

    *ahem* But while your admin for awhile, you could make some new laws, add a few new rules...

    Like say, everyone must read and review trekfan's work? ;)

    ^Just kidding...don't go abusing your power. Remember, I am trekfan-Defender of Truth, Justice, and the Star Trek way. *cue John Williams Superman score*