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  1. Mackenzie Calhoun

    Welcome (back) to IPS!

    Glad to see you about these here parts LBD.
  2. Mackenzie Calhoun

    Welcome (back) to IPS!

    Well, as the Monkees (Mr Naismith specifically) once said: it looks like we've made it once again. And it's an extraordinary scene, to believe. Thanks MdG.
  3. Mackenzie Calhoun

    Welcome to MyBB

    thanks MdG, most humbled. That and I was silently preparing for my Raven alter-ego.
  4. Mackenzie Calhoun

    Welcome to MyBB

    No worries. And yes, because we've switched platforms, everyone has reverted back to their usernames when they first signed up. MyBB doesn't really allow for the Display Name option anymore. MDg Aye, tis a pity. Small price to pay I guess. Mac.
  5. Mackenzie Calhoun

    Welcome to MyBB

    Yes, many thanks MDG once again Took me a while to get back on through password troubles. Seems I've reverted back to Raven.
  6. Mackenzie Calhoun

    Call for Donations

    I've tried but it won't let me for some reason. Get to confirm and pay but clicking doesn't do anything. Â EDIT- sorted. Turns out that when I go to a certain page and press "show all content" it fouls the joint but it should be done now.
  7. Mackenzie Calhoun

    State of the Site 2014

    Sheesh, at my school we were lucky to even mention it.
  8. Mackenzie Calhoun

    State of the Site 2014

    Â Just discovered it. You have the review box on a person's story and below that a scroll down next to "opinion" it actually has options for like and dislike
  9. Mackenzie Calhoun

    Top 20 Stories of 2014

    Â Ah right, that makes sense Kes. I thought with stuff like my BCI and what not that has multiples there was something else going. IPs would make better sense.
  10. Mackenzie Calhoun

    State of the Site 2014

    Â Ah, right. Thank you. Lumme, just as well it doesn't show dislikes.
  11. Mackenzie Calhoun

    State of the Site 2014

    It goes without saying you do an incredible job, MDG. I wish I had half the talent you do with computers/website for one thing  I do have a silly question, noticed recently there's thumbs up by a couple of my series and some of my early stories. Are they some sort of authorisation thing?
  12. Mackenzie Calhoun

    Top 20 Series of 2014

    Incentive to blitz the site with Mitchell.
  13. Mackenzie Calhoun

    Top 20 Stories of 2014

    Huzzar, I made a list! Â The pedant in me does wonder, as I twigged a while ago that you get a view (it seems) for each chapter read and MIR has several chapters (with more to come)....but still...
  14. Mackenzie Calhoun

    Site Outage: June 25-26, 2014

    Something about "malicious attack" that gets my hackles up like a guard dog. Good work MDG. Â I changed the password the other week. I might do it again if needed.
  15. Mackenzie Calhoun

    Ad Astra & Heartbleed

    Changed it for here, thanks for the heads up/info MDG. Â Question is...lumme, all my other passwords/websites. I might be some time.