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  1. Didn't twig that we had to edit the preferences on the main site but done and that too is wunderbar
  2. I say this feels easier on the eye almost soothing compared to previous. Very nice
  3. got that too. Also, not that it matters much, my email notifications aren't working. I mean I'm on here enough but usually it's what I rely on when I...well, am away
  4. "On the third planet.." "There is no third planet!" "Don't you think I know that..?? There WAS!! But not anymore!!!"
  5. Yes, like the look of it. Has a nexus effect to it. Swayed to that with leanings on the haze.
  6. closest is either the Ceti Alpha eel or that thing that mated with the Enterprise-D
  7. I quite like the look of the orange haze and orange ribbon. Some reason I was expecting to see the Mutara Nebula.
  8. I say if I knew we were getting shiny signatures as prizes I might've tried harder Well, belated congratulations in seriousness to the three of you. Hard work and well earned praise indeed.