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  1. MDg... So, your AA blog just points to your main blog. Can we do that?
  2. Could I please have Ensemble Cast - USS Adirondack added to the Expanded Universe character list? They were in "Captain on the Bridge" (non-speaking mostly) and "A New Page".
  3. How about an :evil: smiley? Sure could use one. ;D
  4. LOL!!! That took me a little while to get.Â
  5. Question: I've got a piece I want to post in the Meta, Essays & Everything Else section. It's a transcript of a conversation I had with one of my characters. I can't list it as fiction because it's not. Can I post it?
  6. For Sydney it would be "Satterwhite, Sydney".
  7. What do I need to do, pay someone? Anyway, three stories with them are in the archive now, "Dealing With It", "Send-Off", and "Stand And Wait". Is there some rule I missed?
  8. Could I have Sydney Satterwhite and Sutek added to the Expanded Universe character list, please? ;D