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  1. I'll be sending a donation out either today or tomorrow by snail mail as well.
  2. I've been spending the last couple days changing passwords. Â I went ahead and changed mine here too. Â I appreciate you being candid about it MDG.
  3. I don't know if this will help, I discovered it by accident. There are issues when you're posting a new chapter, and it adds extra spaces. I found a way around that because what was in the KB article wasn't working for me since I use an Imac. Here's what I did feel free to add it if you want, I cleared out my story text, then I unchecked use TinyMCE, then I clicked on use TinyMCE. It then displays the code in the box where you put the story text that adds the extra spaces. I deleted that, and then pasted the chapter in the box like normal, and it has worked every time.
  4. Don't worry, you'll get a donation from me as soon as I get brave enough to try PayPal. Mick
  5. Very cool. Again, great addition to the site. I can see myself using this before long. Mick
  6. I thought I had to jump through some hoops. Once I figured out what to do, and getting some detailed instructions it was easy to make the change on my Apple products. With my laptop I changed the DNS settings, and then that didn't work at first so I shut down the computer. I turned it on a little later and then the site finally came up with no issues. I was going to be so sad if it didn't work.
  7. Mike, just so you know I did contact my ISP and they were no help at all. When I realized I could access the site from the Iphone I knew it wasn't the site and I don't fault you at all. It took a little ingenuity to get back here, and I wouldn't be typing this now if I hadn't. Plus, I learned something in the process so that's always a good thing . I do not blame you at all for the issues because of what I learned going though this.
  8. I went on vacation and when I got back I couldn't access the site. What I kept getting was that DNS Advantage couldn't find the domain or something like that. I couldn't access it from my laptop, IMac, or IPad, but I could with my Iphone. I then got on Google and switched to Open DNS which is free, and that seems to have solved the problem for me. It took a little longer to get my laptop going since it is Windows and I couldn't find detailed enough instructions on how to make the change.Â
  9. I've been away from here a while and I come back to find that this is now possible. I use my Ipad too, and now I can read everyone's stuff when I don't have internet access. Thanks Mike!