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    Welcome (back) to IPS!

    I'm so happy to be "home" again. Comfy old URL and comfy Ad Astra art. I hope all the old regulars will come back to see the place all spruced up! Thanks for all you do, Mike.
  2. kes7

    Welcome to MyBB

    This is probably best left dropped, but as a general rule, you (the general 'you') will get better customer service around here if you refrain from insulting site staffers' intelligence, offer more constructive commentary than "your forum is ugly and it sucks," ask for help when you can't figure out how to do things as opposed to assuming they're impossible, and avoid comparing us unfavorably to other sites by name. (If you prefer those other sites, they are available to you.) Mike works hard and spends a lot of money out of his own pocket to keep this place going. I can't say I'm particularly enamored of the current condition of the forums compared to how they used to look and function, but it is what it is. We're all volunteers here, doing the best we can. IRL often gets in the way, and assuming you're not donating buckets of money toward site improvement and upkeep, you've really got very little room to complain. (I myself HAVE donated as often as possible - probably hundreds of dollars over the last 7 years, although I can't be sure - to keep the site running, and wish I could do more. But I know my paltry contributions don't come close to paying for the improvements I'd like to see in my dream world, so I keep my criticisms to myself, or share any concerns about site functionality with Mike privately.) Two old adages came to mind reading the above airing of grievances (Festivus is in December, BTW): 1. You win more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. 2. Put your money where your mouth is. (Note to site staff: Sorry if I'm overstepping my bounds as a mod, but Mike works too hard for too little thanks as it is ... I can't sit back and say nothing when I see him and his work insulted.)
  3. kes7

    Welcome to MyBB

    This looks a lot better than Vanilla. It's much more in line with what I expect to see when I visit a forum. Is it customizable, so we can put our Trekkie stamp on it? Thanks for all your hard work and for being so flexible/adaptable. I don't know what all goes in to moving the forums from one engine to another, but the fact that you did it so quickly and are still open to changing is impressive. I wish we had a big enough and active enough user base to pay you a little something ... or at least buy you a nifty Christmas gift. Guess I'll have to check out the stocking stuffer thread ... It does seem as if we've lost a lot of data? Most of my Tesseract update thread is missing and I don't seem to be able to reply to it. It looks like the complaining and happiness threads are MIA, and I'm afraid to even look at the Round Robins ... is there a limit on the size of a thread that can be brought over?
  4. kes7

    Site Outage (January 14-15, 2015)

    What can we do to help? Â Is there anything we're doing (or not doing) that contributes to our vulnerability?
  5. kes7

    Top 20 Stories of 2014

    Mac, perhaps Mike can clarify, but I'm pretty sure "unique visitors per story" is based on ip, not clicks. So even if a story has a thousand chapters and someone reads them all, it will register as one unique visit based on IP address. Correct, or not, Mike?
  6. kes7

    State of the Site 2014

    We can 'like' stories? Huh. Never knew that.
  7. kes7

    Top 20 Stories of 2014

    That's one hell of a mood lifter on a night when I sorely needed one. Thanks to everyone who read my stories! (Although credit for Mirror Cubed goes to CS, who wrote every word of it. My characters, his prose.) I see a few of my favorites on this list but also some I haven't checked out yet. One of my resolutions was to read more, so these seem like a good place to start.
  8. kes7

    Site Outage: August 26, 2014

    *Why* are people hacking/attacking us? Â We just seem like such an odd target.
  9. kes7

    Site Outage: June 21, 2014

    Thanks for everything you do, Mike.
  10. kes7

    Ad Astra & Heartbleed

    I am so damned irritated by this Heartbleed thing. Â It is hard enough to keep track of passwords with my ADHD issues. Â Now I have to remember a bunch of new ones. Â Watch me lock myself out of everything. Â Sigh. Â Thanks for addressing this, Mike.
  11. kes7

    New Support Site

    I love the EFH. Â That gave me a major smile.
  12. kes7

    To Boldly Read, Review and Discuss!

    Nice choice for the first selection. Â It's one I haven't read, and I'm looking forward to it, especially after reading your commentary on it. Â This is going to be fun! Â (And also scary -- because I'm imagining people dissecting my stuff like this and while it's thrilling, it also gives me cold, cold feet.)
  13. kes7


    w00t! Â Congrats, Deputy Jes! Â *helps self to heaping slice of #49 to celebrate*
  14. Direct bookmarks are for people who actually close this site. Â Why would I ever want to do that? Â
  15. Yeeeeeehaw. Â Round 'em up, cowboys and cowgirls.
  16. kes7

    It is our pleasure to announce...

    Congrats to you both!
  17. kes7

    Welcome to the New Forums!

    Oh, interesting! Mike, thanks for saving the forums. I want to help you out with the cost of this, but this month is very bad timing. I'll try to send something your way in August. (I feel terrible for poor Steff ... after she JUST worked so hard on the new theme!)
  18. kes7

    Fundraiser for a New Forum

    Can we just toss you some money, too? $175 doesn't seem like a whole hell of a lot ... are there ongoing costs associated with the upgrade or would this be a one-time expense? As for something more collaborative ... I'm willing to do a photomanip or a short vignette as an "auction off" item.
  19. kes7

    Ad Astra Awards?

    We did a nominations thread a year or so ago, plus a really fun round robin where we took our characters out for an awards show evening. It might be fun to revive something like that, what with all the new faces around here.
  20. kes7

    Ad Astra Fire

    A-freaking-mazing! I love, love, love, love this! Awesome job, Steff! ;D
  21. kes7

    Ad Astra's New Banner

    I'm also not seeing the new banner. I'm using Opera, if that makes a difference.
  22. kes7

    Ad Astra email addresses

    I'm so confused. Sign me up, though. kes7 at ....
  23. kes7

    SOPA Strike

    Glad we're participating in this. Will be contacting my designated vermin in DC tomorrow.
  24. kes7

    Review Hunt 2011

    You post it in the Review Hunt forum. Here's how.
  25. kes7

    Review Hunt 2011

    Yes. This is so. Actually, I think the easiest way to think of it is that you earn points for reviews ... the longer/more in depth the review, the more points you earn. Being the first, second, or third to review a story gets you additional *bonus* points. (It's good incentive to review the unknown. )