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  1. Add something on the archive that says something like. "Please browse our archive.....Don't forget to leave a review. That's how fanfiction writers get paid."
  2. I realize that and anytime I'm in a club or what not, I ALWAYS contribute because I realize that nothing is free. Right now if you have a click to donate a nominal amount, I would do it. Believe me, I know that the tangible is the site. However, sadly you have to cater to the lowest common denominator.
  3. Well, I'm new here and I usually have a saying that one needs to have been around for a certain amount of time before they can have an opinion or you get some very ignorant answers. That being said, instead of calling it a donation, you may want to do a "Not for Profit" sale which is legally different than "Non Profit." Anyhow, if the person(s) who has to pay for this space has a color laser or quality color printer and a few bucks to start, I recommend selling address labels. You can have a choice of three artworks and have one sheet of 20 labels is $5 and three sheets of 20 labels is $10. One $10 order has just covered your cost for a box of 50 sheets of labels from Staples or Office Depot and the ink. Your profit for one box is $150. Make the labels using Word and one order will take five minutes. Before even committing funds, put out a feeler and see your potential order. I've worked with clubs before and this kind of thing usually works. Folks get something tangible in their hands.