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  1. What is the minimum post count to be able to start using it? I don't have much, just one cover for one of my stories, but I wondered when a forum user can start uploading something. I uploaded that file, but it was not accepted by administrators, so maybe I don't have that right yet. Anyway, I think the gallery is a great addition to AdAstra
  2. Maybe we should try again? There are some new members who might want to try
  3. Oooooh, it's so beautiful! I love the new colours and the background. Awesome job, Steff!
  4. Something tells me we're going to see many fascinating things before the transition is completed
  5. Wow, now I see SOPA banner too!
  6. Try pressing F5 key. I think your browser didn't refresh and draws images from cache.
  7. "Blackout" means the website will disappear for 12 hours? Well, if that's what has to be done, then that's what has to be done!
  8. Myyyy prrreeecioussssssss...ssss
  9. Congratulations to Nerys (wow! almost 29,000 points! ) and jespah PS. My email address is correct.
  10. Well, it should work at least until IP changes, but then appropriate changes could be entered into the host file again... I still see it as a temporary solution, though.
  11. Ok, people. If changing your DNS doesn't work (I use OpenDNS and it didn't work, I tried Google DNS and it didn't work, I tried some public Australian DNS and it didn't work), if flushing cache doesn't work (I did that too), here's what you can try to do if you are a Linux user: Edit your /etc/host file (as root) and add these two lines: www.adastrafanfic.com forums.adastrafanfic.com forums Remember to leave an empty line at the end of the file!! This manually directs your browsers to the correct IP addresses of the archive and the forum. I don't know if