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  1. Thank you!
  2. Ah, thank you!
  3. Site Updates

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    Cool and thanks for the info ....
  5. Actually, I think Invision is crap. Sorry - it's out of the box and it's really no better.
  6. Thank you for everything, Mike. /goes back to final paper/
  7. Thank you again for everything, Mike.
  8. Thanks, Mike. Is it the plugins again?
  9. Thank you for everything. Let us know if there is anything at all that we can do.
  10. I take it this will be required for Boldly Reading as well?
  11. Niiiiceeee
  12. Sure thing; I'll send you a note.
  13. It can be a quick thing to do the give and take reblog, etc. on Tumblr (I'm not volunteering - I'm trying to cut back on things, actually). If time arises, I could help with that, but class is about to start and I know I won't be able to during the semester.
  14. Ah, kewl, will you be supporting the Tumblr blog and reblogging other Trek images as well?
  15. Wow - what is that - 14, 15 times as many social media visits than last year? W00t on toast! Â PS People can help by adding covers. Images ROCK online.
  16. Whole cranberries are very New England (the bogs are on Cape Cod). Serve jellied canned stuff around here, and people are bound to take your well-shoveled parking spot. It's war!
  17. I certainly wouldn't mind; I use G+ for my own stuff and there is also a search bump from it (Google bribes you to use their social network, fer realz).
  18. Just a quickie reminder that I am still doing these. If I have missed you, my apologies! Please make sure your profile says that it's okay for me to do this. Further, give me a nudge if you think I didn't get you, as I don't always see 'em. Thank you. Â PS Since July, this is our most popular post - Â The Hooded Man by LA Moody 104 people reached! But recognize that this has not translated into that many readers (that story has under 90 reads, IIRC). Reach was increased because the post was shared. Â Posts do best under the following conditions: 1) There's a cover image. The one above didn't have one, but the next seven did, of the top eight posts during this time frame. 2) The post is shared. Even one share increases reach pretty dramatically. 3) The post is liked. Likes take a few seconds and they deliver a small notification to your followers. Hence reach is increased. Â One more quick note - if you have a collaboration or a crossover, I would rather not share them unless I know both (or more than two) people agree that it's okay. I just want to cover all bases. If you've got a great collaboration but only two of three people say it's okay to share on social media, I would rather that you got unanimity before going ahead. I just think it's a best practice. Â Thank you and happy writing!
  19. Thank you for everything you do, Mike.
  20. Wow, Mike. Â /tucks you in/ Â Thank you. You are freakin' awesome.
  21. https://www.facebook.com/adastrafanfic/posts/798437960175314 Â This one actually doesn't have an image, which makes it even more interesting that the reach was so great.
  22. I've got some results!  Posts with images (and that includes Archive works with covers) get more clicks than posts without (which rather neatly confirms something already proven by Hubspot).  For members who've had their works boosted on social media, I'm curious - are you seeing more readers?  Also, these are our most popular Facebook posts, so far - A personal emergency calls Isira home to Betazed #startrek http://ow.ly/wonkE 2384: As the Alpha & Beta Quadrants recover from the Dominon War #startrek http://ow.ly/wonkB Portrait of a Character ââ¬â Takara Sato #tttot14 #startrek 2 tragedies, 3 stories of personal growth, 2 battles won, new beginnings, 1 escape, 1 non-escape, nemeses! This vote is going to be difficult at best. And it's only the first week! What's Chapel's 1st day like? What's a butterfly mean 2 Jess? What about Gary Mitchell? 4 answers 2 these qs, tune into ââ¬Âª#ââ¬Å½ttot14ââ¬Â¬Â ââ¬Âª#ââ¬Å½startrekââ¬Â¬  Congratulations to Mike for THE most popular post on social media. The post about his story was seen by 113 people, clicked on 7 times, and received 1 like, 1 comment, and 1 share.  Note: all of these were also shared on Twitter. My own post (#3) was shared on both the Ad Astra Twitter feed and my own Twitter feeds. The #2 most popular post is one of trekfan's stories, and the last 2 are Twelve Trials of Triskelion promo posts.
  23. Popular is good ....