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  1. Why not (I stink; I just wanna see what others do).
  2. This is an old topic. I wonder why it was woken up.
  3. Ah, then I'll be needing one. Thanks mucho for the clarification. New email, here I come!
  4. Not to be totally dense - but will you be informing us re which email domains are going to be affected? Sorry for all the qs.
  5. Following on 2/3 Twitter accounts (everyone but the 'bot boys' account).
  6. I will need some serious hand-holding for that (or alcohol). Whenever you (or whoever would like to help a poor, struggling Boston terrier) get the chance.' And thank you for doing this, just in general. Battling spam is no fun for anyone.
  7. Okey doke. The userid @ the domain is fine for me. I take it there wouldn't be any mail, just the signup for AA?
  8. How would this work, seeing as we are all approved? Would you be (for example) banning the yahoo domain (which is my email domain) and then I would switch over so as to be protected? Thanks.
  9. I went for cloud - I tend to prefer stuff that seems calmer.
  10. I have issues with both of those domains on a nursing forum I manage. Also having issues with yahoo.co.uk if that helps at all. Thanks for fightin' the good fight.
  11. jespah

    SOPA Strike

    Got a nice note back from my Congressdude - Thank you for contacting me regarding the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), as well as the Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property (PROTECT IP) Act. I appreciate hearing your thoughts and share your concerns on this issue. H.R. 3261, SOPA, was introduced by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX). The intent of the bill is to address online copyright infringement activities and to promote the use of legitimate material online. Particularly aimed at websites that are not registered in the United States , this legislation would allow the Department of Justice to shut down access to suspected offending sites for users in the U.S. While I do think online copyright infringement is troubling and we should work together to find ways to protect intellectual property, this bill goes too far. Freedom of expression in America is too valuable a principle and until we can find a balanced way to achieve these goals, I will oppose this bill and attempts to limit free speech. H.R. 3261 has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee, where it awaits further action.  In the Senate, S.968, the PROTECT IP Act, was introduced by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) with language and intent similar to SOPA. The PROTECT IP Act passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and awaits consideration on the Senate floor. Please be assured that I will have your views in mind as I continue to closely monitor the progress of SOPA and the PROTECT IP Act. Thank you again for writing to me. If my staff or I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact my office.                                       Sincerely,                                       Michael E. Capuano
  12. I like Orange Haze, too. The greenie looks a lil like a space eel, if there is such a thing (quick, somebody write one!).
  13. jespah

    SOPA Strike

    Kewl - will be watching that and CNN.com and Boston.com as time permits today.
  14. jespah

    SOPA Strike

    I won't be on much anyway (meeting with a recruiter - I actually have what to do out in the meat world). It'll be a chance to get the challenge entry ready to rock and roll, too.
  15. jespah

    SOPA Strike

    I've written to my Congressdude about SOPA. I realize this link says Conservative but it seems to include all Congressfolk: http://www.conservativeusa.org/mega-cong.htm e. g. it's got the entire Mass. delegation even though our only token Republican is Scott Brown.
  16. Or do a Golum: Mmmyyy... Preeccciousss! Yesssss one signature to rule them allllll
  17. Yesss! Thank you! Precioussssssssss
  18. Okay, feelin' confused - can't put IMG tags into the sig line, so how do I get the pretty pic in there? Signed, Confused bronze medalist
  19. I just realized Gul Rejal and I were 1301 apart - pretty dang close. But Nerys - WOW.
  20. W00t my address is correct. Yay us!
  21. W00p I am now understanding this. The caffeine and sleep have also helped
  22. Okay, slightly lost. Where do we post the listing of what we've reviewed? Is it here? Keep in mind I am dehydrated and could use some caffeine and probably a few more brain cells right now. Thank you.