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  1. Site Updates

    Expect it in about two weeks, Mike. Thanks for everything.
  2. Thanks for your hard work, Mike.Â
  3. Wow. Two of mine on the list? Wouldn't've believed that. Thanks for reading everyone. Maybe this'll give me the needed motivation to finish some of the others lurking in the netherworld of unfinished stories, and I'll get them posted soon too.  We don't say it nearly enough, Mike. Thanks for all you do to support this wonderful site.Â
  4. Jodi, I agree. Canned Cranberry jelly IS strange. When you have a chance, try the real thing. Not necessarily cranberry jelly. Yesterday, I ate a turkey sandwich with cranberry mayonnaise, which had real cranberries in it. I didn't actually cook because I wasn't home with family for Thanksgiving.Â
  5. Thanks for everything you do, Mike.
  6. Thanks so much, Mike.Â
  7. Done. Thanks, Mike, for the heads up.Â
  8. Congratulations, jespah.