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  1. Cowgirlcadet1701

    Welcome (back) to IPS!

    D'oh! Why did I not think of that? Maybe because I was up insanely late when that was posted.
  2. Cowgirlcadet1701

    Welcome (back) to IPS!

    I think there might be something wrong with the Archive. The home page comes up properly, but any other link just brings up a bunch of code or something. Can't even log in. Thought Y'all might want to know about that.
  3. Cowgirlcadet1701

    Welcome (back) to IPS!

    I'm willing, but unfortunately I'm also broke!
  4. Cowgirlcadet1701

    Welcome (back) to IPS!

    I admit that I was one of the people who was complaining, and I was kind of a jerk about it, and I'm sorry. That having been said, I am sooo glad to see AdAstra looking like AdAstra again!
  5. Cowgirlcadet1701

    Welcome to MyBB

    I apologize for hurting anyone's feelings. Due to being an imperfect human, I sometimes lack tact when sharing thoughts. As a peace offering, I give you pumpkin pie #49. Pumpkin Pie
  6. Cowgirlcadet1701

    Welcome to MyBB

    Thank you. I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong. Or just stupid. Whatever.
  7. Cowgirlcadet1701

    Welcome to MyBB

    How about a little more clarity on what "sucks," since the above doesn't approach constructive criticism. MDg 1. It's decidedly unpreposessing. (That means ugly, if you didn't know.) 2. The PM system (or whatever it's properly called) is a pain in the patootie. 3. You can't post YouTube videos. (Or if you can, I haven't figured out how) 4. It sticks all these funky characters where punctuation ought to be, making stuff awfully hard to read. (Especially older posts) 5. The quantity and quality of the smileys is severely lacking. STL (powered by Invision/Zeta) has a lot more smileys, and they're way better too. (Jespah knows what i'm talking about. Just ask her.) Of course this is all just my opinion.
  8. Cowgirlcadet1701

    Welcome to MyBB

    I'll be brutally honest here - this forum sucks. We'd be better off with Invision/Zeta. That's the platform they use over at Star Trek Logs, and to my knowledge they've never had any major problems with it. I think it's free, too, though I'm not completely sure.
  9. Cowgirlcadet1701

    How to Sign Up for an Ad Astra Blog

    Just signed up for a blog. Now I just hope I can figure out what to post in the darn thing.
  10. Cowgirlcadet1701

    It is our pleasure to announce...

    Congratulations, LBD. Promotions are good. Â On the downside, however, I miss your like button already.