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M C Pehrson

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  1. Call for Donations

    The system finally worked for me this morning. Â Â
  2. Call for Donations

    I clicked on the link, entered the amount in USD. Each time I hit "donate", it brings me right back and asks me to enter the amount. Round and round in circles. I tried again, just now.
  3. Call for Donations

    Your donation link isn't working. Â Â
  4. Image Policy Violations

    Okay, Mike. I've looked mine over. Please let me know if you see any problems.
  5. Outage (7 February - 8 February 2015)

    It sounds far from simple to me. Thanks, Mike!
  6. Site Outage (January 14-15, 2015)

    Okay, I've strengthened my forums password, but can't find where to change my main site password. Nevermind, I think I got it.
  7. State of the Site 2014

    Thanks, Mike, for all your hard work. I also was clueless about that "like" button, and had wondered about the "thumbs up". Â I want to thank everyone who read my stories and made my Star Trek: Beyond series the most popular. I never, ever expected that.
  8. Top 20 Stories of 2014

    Wow, I just stumbled across this site and found my Cristabeth on your list. How very gratifying.Â
  9. Site Outage: June 25-26, 2014

    Have changed password. Thanks for your hard work!
  10. Site Outage: June 13, 2014

    A morning without Ad Astra is like...panic time!
  11. Ad Astra & Heartbleed

    I tried to change my forum password, but of course I couldn't get it to work. Must be doing something wrong! As usual... Where is that Vulcan when I need him???