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  1. Site Outage (January 14-15, 2015)

    I've been using Wordpress for probably 6-7 years now and I recently deleted all my installs. Keeping it secure and up-to-date is practically a full time job, and the longer your site exists, the more exploits and hacks are directed your way. I suspect my next blogging endeavor will be a more-static platform. Â Nowadays, too many people use Wordpress, something like 80%+ of all implementations have glaring security holes, and it's the favorite target of script kiddies.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy (belated) Thanksgiving everyone :-D
  3. Linking your stories to Social Media

    Yeah, and I think that users on Google+ are the more nerdy sort, and they also seem more likely to use search terms and hashtags than FB users.
  4. Linking your stories to Social Media

    Have we considered making a Google plus account too? Though I feel like my personal contacts are more on Twitter and Facebook, I have better luck sharing Trek stuff on G+.