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  1. I've been using Wordpress for probably 6-7 years now and I recently deleted all my installs. Keeping it secure and up-to-date is practically a full time job, and the longer your site exists, the more exploits and hacks are directed your way. I suspect my next blogging endeavor will be a more-static platform. Â Nowadays, too many people use Wordpress, something like 80%+ of all implementations have glaring security holes, and it's the favorite target of script kiddies.
  2. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving everyone :-D
  3. Yeah, and I think that users on Google+ are the more nerdy sort, and they also seem more likely to use search terms and hashtags than FB users.
  4. Have we considered making a Google plus account too? Though I feel like my personal contacts are more on Twitter and Facebook, I have better luck sharing Trek stuff on G+.