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  1. Glad to see you about these here parts LBD.
  2. Well, as the Monkees (Mr Naismith specifically) once said: it looks like we've made it once again. And it's an extraordinary scene, to believe. Thanks MdG.
  3. thanks MdG, most humbled. That and I was silently preparing for my Raven alter-ego.
  4. No worries. And yes, because we've switched platforms, everyone has reverted back to their usernames when they first signed up. MyBB doesn't really allow for the Display Name option anymore. MDg Aye, tis a pity. Small price to pay I guess. Mac.
  5. Yes, many thanks MDG once again Took me a while to get back on through password troubles. Seems I've reverted back to Raven.
  6. Something about "malicious attack" that gets my hackles up like a guard dog. Good work MDG. Â I changed the password the other week. I might do it again if needed.
  7. Changed it for here, thanks for the heads up/info MDG. Â Question is...lumme, all my other passwords/websites. I might be some time.