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Happy Thanksgiving

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Every year, the people of several countries, including the United States and Canada, celebrate Thanksgiving.  The notion of Thanksgiving has always been to celebrate the harvest of food and to come together to give thanks for the bounty brought in from the fields.  At the same time, we give thanks for our friends and family being at our sides as we continue our voyage together upon this spaceship Earth on yet another trip around the Sun.


This year, I wanted to take a moment to give thanks not just for the reasons above, but also the bounty of writing we've enjoyed since the last Thanksgiving.  Our harvest of amazing stories was most bountiful and we should take a moment to look around and realize how wonderful it is to be able to pick most any random story on our archive, read, and be thrust into the ideas and plots brewed up by our friends and family here at Ad Astra.


And so, with that in mind, I wanted to give thanks to our fellow writers; those who've been with us since the beginning and our newest friends who've joined in the past year.  You have all made this community a welcome home of creativity where we warm ourselves by the hearth of imagination.  I know that you will all continue to do so in the coming year, and when we come back to the harvest of 2015, we're going to be even more bountiful then.


I wish everyone a happy, safe, (belated-to-our-Canadian authors) and enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend.


MDg, shivering alone in the UK... the land of no Thanksgiving.

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