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Quick and Dirty Opening News

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This forum is still in beta.

It is not bridged with the archive.  That means you have to sign up here and there separately; if you're already registered there, you have to register here, too.  The reason Mike and I decided not to bridge them is because it would decrease functionality for both the forum and the archive, and we wouldn't be able to upgrade one or the other individually.  For the sake of security issues, aesthetics and about a million other reasons, you have to register here, even though you're already registered there.  Please use the same username.

That all being said, the beta-status means that you can use it, it functions and it mostly looks how it should, but it also means I'm not done tweaking the files it runs on, so you may run into errors.  Just refresh a few times and I should have it fixed, if you do.

Since posts/etc. are all stored in the database, you don't have to worry about losing posts or anything should I blow up the core files of the forum itself.  However, I've mostly got this thing tweaked, so the likelihood of that's pretty low.

If you do see something that looks off, while the site is in beta, or if you just want to make suggestions or throw a party, do so in this thread.  I posted some likewise Quick and Dirty FAQs on each board.  Everything is still being refined, obviously.

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