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Site Updates (Archive, Forums, Blogs, Email, etc)

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Archive news:

All right. So, I've completely removed the registration action as well as the link on the archive's login page. In its place, I've put up a link on the menu to a Google form.

This way, all registration from here on out has to go through that. If any of my admins/moderators wants added to said form, I'll do that; if not, I'll handle it myself, since I have it set to e-mail me when there's a response. But since there's no automated registration now, there will be no more people who can directly sign up for Ad Astra just to spam bomb us.

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Beyond fixing the site registration issues, I added a new theme to Ad Astra. Inspired by the Witch Head Nebula, with a public domain image from NASA used as the header, it's perfect for anyone who likes a bit of green! You can find it over on the drop-down menu, along with Fire and Void.

I also switched the default display back to Fire, but you can change your themes to whichever you prefer!

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Forums: Now running

Blogs: Hard down for now, we've been focusing on the forums.

Archive: SQL errors still persist for some, we're looking into other archiving options since it's possible the software may not longer be fully compatible with the database version (eFiction is abandonware at this point).

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