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More Info on the Forums Update (v4.6.4.5)

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Over the course of the last year, Invision hosting has been forcing certain changes to the software that required us to upgrade our hosting plan, which more than doubled the monthly cost (from $20 to $45).  I've tried to stave off the need to do this, and I know everyone LOVES this forum software because it's so adaptable and has a lot of features.  We got to the point where the latest version requires SSL certificates and so moving up to the cheapest plan that offers SSL support was now required (they don't even offer the tier we were originally at anymore).

Thanks to several people's donations ( @SLWalker  @TemplarSora ) we were able to push the upgrade through and pay for at least four months of forum hosting.  A full year costs 540USD, and we have a PayPal fund for those costs.  Ordinarily, I shoulder the costs personally, but I got laid off last month (July), and so I'm strapped for money at the moment.  I'm working hard trying to find a new job, but you know how that goes.  The main archive costs are 150 a month for the Archive web server and an email server to send out all the mails.

In total, we need about 2,340USD for an annual cost to keep all the servers/hosting up and running.  If you'd like to help, the link for donations is at:


Thank you for any assistance you can offer.


Edit: I forgot to mention that there are some graphics issues moving to this new version, so things like ranks will be odd-looking. I'm working on a long-term solution for this so please stand by. :)

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