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New Fundraiser Link for Ad Astra

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(link deleted, no longer valid)

It's that time of year again! Ad Astra needs help to stay afloat and keep housing great Star Trek Fanfiction!

Below are the breakdown of costs:

  • Server Hosting: $170/month * 12 = $2,040
  • Mail Hosting (beginning June) : $72/month * 12 = $864
  • Forums Hosting: $45/month * 12 = $540
  • Domain Renewals: $13/year * 4 domains = $52
  • TOTAL: $3,460 per year

Our free Google Workspace is going away and they'll begin charging us for services in June 2022.  We're looking for free options, but it seems that everyone is charging and it's per user.  The sign of the times, unfortunately.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.  We greatly appreciate it!



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PayPal pools discontinued, link no longer valid
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