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Ad Astra's OTW-A Beta and the Timeline

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Hey guys!

Well, for those of you watching here instead of Discord: We've gotten our instance of otw-archive up and running and opened for public beta!  You can find the shiny new site here:

Ad Astra :: Star Trek Fanfiction Archive

Some things to bear in mind: Tagging on the new archive follows the same rules as on the old archive!  So please read the FAQ and adhere to it.  In fact, read all the FAQs, they contain some valuable information, including how our Expanded Universes folks can have their own fandom.

As for our old home--

Ad Astra's original eFiction archive will remain in situ as a static monument.  On September 1st (or about), the archive goes into permanent read-only mode and the top domain will point to the new archive instead.  You have that much time to post, edit, etc.   Please don't repost reviews on your works from the old site to the new one under any circumstances.  If you want to copy the reviews you wrote to stories moved over to the new site, though, that is absolutely allowed.  (But you should maybe write new ones, too. XD)

Anyway, there ya go.  We did it.  Go enjoy the new labor of love and let's see what happens!

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