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Forums Outage (18-29 Nov 2015)

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Beginning on 18 Nov 2015, the forums database was corrupted, causing a critical error in accessing the boards.  I was driving up from California at that time, for my vacation in Portland, without my laptop, so I had no access to repair the issue.  When I returned the following Tuesday, the corruption had already permeated into the nightly and weekly backups and so I had to escalate the issue to IPB Support (which we pay for).


Unfortunately, IPB Support was less than helpful.  They claim that it was a hardware issue, except everything else was working fine (blogs, archive, etc).  That left us with very little option except to try and recover from a very old backup we had from the recent server upgrade... it meant we would lose 1.5 months of posts.


I called in help from a friend who is a pro DB administrator, and he was able to use the very old backup to pinpoint specific corrupted tables (there were 5) that were preventing the whole thing from loading.  We had it up last night, but IPB re-corrupted when someone went to post a new message.


As of this morning, we believe the issue to be resolved.  If you continue to encounter problems, please open a support ticket at our support site (just like jespah and kes did).  Even if someone else reported it, it's all right to open a ticket so I can update it with information for you.


Lastly, due to the inexplicably horrid response from IPB Support, I'm investigating a shift to a new software/platform.



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