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Deputy in Training

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I am pleased to announce that in addition to our other promotions, we now have a Deputy in Training.  He is in charge right now of the All Ages board, for the Trekkin' offspring and kidlings (if you can't see it, you need to have 150 posts to view and 200 posts to post there, which is plenty of time for us to get to know you), and I think he'll go far.


So, give it up for trekfan!

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*sniffs* So happy.


I once was just a little poster with no stories and no post count ... and now look at me.


You like me, you really like me. :)


Thanks Steff for showing such faith in me. I shall strive to reward that faith to the best of my abilities.

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That and some of them were overdue.  We started off with three admins way back in the day, and then lost one, lost a couple mods to time, finally promoted Miranda after years, needed someone to fill his slot... so, we're actually about on track.

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Congratulations trekfan. Well deserved. But as for liking you ... well ... now ... let's not go jumping the gun just yet! ;)


Only joking, we loves ye.


In a ... you know ... manly ... tough, punch you on the shoulder and ruffle your hair kinda way. Ahem.


What I mean is


... Congrats.

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