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I don't know if this will help, I discovered it by accident. There are issues when you're posting a new chapter, and it adds extra spaces. I found a way around that because what was in the KB article wasn't working for me since I use an Imac. Here's what I did feel free to add it if you want, I cleared out my story text, then I unchecked use TinyMCE, then I clicked on use TinyMCE. It then displays the code in the box where you put the story text that adds the extra spaces. I deleted that, and then pasted the chapter in the box like normal, and it has worked every time.

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Due to our recent move to the new OS, you'll notice that some of your stories might have some weird characters showing up.  This is due to use of non-HTML characters for punctuation (ie: quotation marks, ampersands, ellipsis, etc).  Please see this KB article for an explanation and how to resolve it.



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