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Awards System in Place

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Some of you may have noticed that there are little purple badges appearing under your mini-profiles on certain posts and wondering what all that's about.

In short, this new software allows us to deploy an awards system with badges (created by our own Steff). We're opening up the Monthly Challenge archive and awarding badges from 2009 on up. This, of course, means we're having to dive back into the archives to determine winners and award them appropriately.

At this time, we only have the 2009 badges done. As Steff designs and posts the other years, you will see them show up in your profiles.

If you have any questions or suggestions for awards, please let me know!


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A suggestion -- since you're going in and looking up the winning entries anyway -- why not add a link to them as well, and get, perhaps, more readership for the best stories?

I don't want to add a lot of work, of course.

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