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Outage (7 February - 8 February 2015)

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For the most part, we're back online, but we're still chasing down some minor issues with the sites.  The biggest one is that the site is not emailing out notifications, but that should be fixed relatively soon.  The site is not 100% back up, but the pertinent parts are functioning (adding new stories, writing blog posts, and so on).


Essentially what happened was a critical piece of our server software was no longer functioning due to a broken module we use on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, the only way to combat this is to move off all the pertinent data (our sites, stories, etc.), wipe the server, reinstall the OS, reinstall all of our applications, and then move everything back.  It sounds simple, but it's time-consuming and not everything works quite the same way.


Shon and I spent some very long hours (we were up until 6am PST) this morning fixing it, and add on another 8 hours today.  We're in the middle of a much-needed rest/meal break, so I thought I would update you all.





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