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New Look for Ad Astra

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All right!  I am playing with possible new looks for our home here.  So, what I want from you, my beloved and intrepid Ad Astra denizens, is feedback!  These are not the final copies of background and color themes, they're just quick works I've done and will likely build upon.  But since some people like warm colors, and some like cool colors; some like elaborate and some like minimalistic, I figured I would bring it over here for some feedback.  And, of course, whatever new theme we add, we will leave the current theme available to those who don't want to change it up.

So, feel free to give me constructive criticism on any or all of them.  And then, I want you to pick two of them you'd like to see further refined.  And then, dears, I shall refine them and put those two up for a final vote; whoever wins the vote, wins the forum.  Mind, only one of them has the text.  Feel free to ignore said text in favor of the artwork.

And here are your candidates:  Orange Haze, Variation on a Green, Orange Ribbon, and Cool Swirl.  Looking forward to seeing what you say!

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