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By the way, I'm writing up a bunch of help files for the archive and the forums.  Do you guys know of any topics you'd like for me to cover?  Head over here and look through what I have so far:


And if you have any issues or problems you think might benefit from a knowledgebase article, let me know.



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So, will that rich text/google docs fix work for other formatting issues?  My problem is that even with WYSIWYG switched on, my italics and bold don't copy over from Word.  (Line spacing does, except for that 'extra space' issue.)  I have to add the html tags in Word, which is time consuming and irritating, and if I make a mistake before hitting preview, because of the WSYIWYG editor, it messes up the whole thing and I have to start over.  This is actually a new problem for me, too.  It didn't used to be this way.

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I've personally tested it, and it's my preferred method to go from Word -> Google Docs -> Ad Astra.


I almost never copy my stuff straight in from Word.  I actually post to TrekBBS first, and then copy THAT over to Ad Astra.  And it never, ever messes up.  (Word into TBBS takes a little work, but going from TBBS to Ad Astra works great.)

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