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Miranda Fave

To Boldly Read, Review and Discuss!

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Announcing the first ever Boldly Reading Book Club.


In order to encourage considerably more in-depth reviewing and a give and take discussion between the writer and readers, we have devised the Ad Astra Book Club, called Boldly Reading. Every month, we’re going to showcase a work by one of our own fine authors.  Works can be short or long, or even in progress.


We invite you to take part, to read, review, re-review if needs be, and to come participate in some interesting discussion. To kick us off, we have have Book Club Choice #1 blog posted up with a discussion thread ready in the wings.


Get Reading, Get Reviewing and Get Ready for Discussion.

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Nice choice for the first selection.  It's one I haven't read, and I'm looking forward to it, especially after reading your commentary on it.  This is going to be fun!  (And also scary -- because I'm imagining people dissecting my stuff like this and while it's thrilling, it also gives me cold, cold feet.)

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