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Top 20 Series of 2014

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As with the story list, these are the top 20 series as determined by the sum total of accumulated story reads per unique visitor for the year:

  1. Star Trek: Beyond by M C Pehrson
  2. Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead by Michael D. Garcia and A. J. Gertner
  3. Star Trek: Gibraltar by Sam Redfeather
  4. DS9 Season 10 by lvsxy808
  5. Star Trek: Tesseract by kes7
  6. Rafale - Star Trek Online by TemplarSora
  7. Star Trek: Lambda Paz by Enterprise1981
  8. Star Trek: Sigils and Unions by Nerys Ghemor
  9. When Paul Met Sever by trekfan
  10. The Star Eagle Adventures by CeJay
  11. Arc of the Wolf by Steff Walker
  12. Kestrel by Miranda Fave
  13. Star Trek: War Aftermath by Enterprise1981
  14. The Watchtower Universe by Miranda Fave
  15. Where No One Has Gone Before by Michael D. Garcia
  16. Tesseract: The Academy Years by kes7
  17. Absolute Horizon by Anna Amuse
  18. Accipiter by Miranda Fave
  19. Tales of the Dominion by Jean-Luc Picard
  20. Star Trek: Phoenix-X by Hawku

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