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Ad Astra's New Banner

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Well, since I had some extra time, I refined and reworked our two most popular candidates.  If there's some influx of people who prefer the blue or the green, I'll go play with those, but right now these are definitely the two most popular.

So, here they are.  The smaller ones are the archive's header; the larger ones are the backgrounds for the forums.  Once I know which one we're going with, I'll start trying to work out the CSS for it.  Also, please feel free to tell me which you picked and why, if for no other reason than artistic curiosity.

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Like them both but the fire is totally my pick. Not only does it have some red it it, look cool, but I find it the more "active" of the two. Clouds are nice to stare at in the sky but fire screams movement to me. Plus, it does look a lot like the Nexus, so obvious Trek tie in counts in it's favor.

And it has red in it, my favorite color, so it was bound to win. Nice work on both Steff! :)

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I, too voted for fire.  Something about cloud when I clicked on the enlarged version just made me think of the view from inside a huge, space alien creature's maw - kinda like the planet killer in 'Doomsday Machine.'  :o

"On the third planet.."

"There is no third planet!"

"Don't you think I know that..?? There WAS!! But not anymore!!!"

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